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Discovery and Flight

A month has passed since Lieutenants Geun Choi and Tamara Watson and the other pilots of the Alliance’s Dragon and Raptor squadrons destroyed the Imperial cruisers Achilles and Sarpedon. Now the Empire is brutally striking back, dispatching a fleet of warships to destroy the Alliance’s outpost in the Kir Asteroid Belt.

Choi and Watson now have to face an enemy far more skilled and dangerous than two cruisers with trainee crews, a foe bent on their total annihilation. Fighting alongside them are expert Alliance pilots Alisa Marchenko and Bradford Tomich, but even their help might not be enough. Who will live and who will die when the Imperial battle-group comes knocking?

Taking place before and during the events of Lindsay Buroker’s short story “Remnants” and after Quinn’s previous novella “Ten Davids, Two Goliaths,” this tale set in Lindsay Buroker’s FALLEN EMPIRE universe will thrill fans of STAR WARS, FIREFLY, WING COMMANDER, and the adventures of Honor Harrington.


As a college student in Atlanta, Andrew Patel discovered Friedrich Nietzsche during a late-night study session. In the decade since, he has striven to live by the philosopher’s principles, upgrading his body with cybernetics to transcend the merely human and using the local underworld as his scaffolding to join a more select race of beings. Life is good.

But the superhero Silverbolt threatens all this with his war against the gangs employing Patel’s expertise in merging man and machine. Cornered in a gang safe-house one night, Patel must fight to protect this threat to his lifestyle, but he may not be the only übermensch in Atlanta…

The good guys get all the glory. Time to see things from a different point of view.

Needs Must

Two months ago, cyborg and Nietzsche enthusiast Andrew Patel defeated Atlanta superhero Silverbolt in battle but chose to spare his life. An evening at a charity gala with his girlfriend turns awkward when Patel discovers his host is none other than Silverbolt.

Then a gang of armed robbers attacks the party. Now superhero and supervillain must join forces to protect those they hold dear.


Sam is a loving Doberman content with romping with the Master and his two daughters in their yard or chasing tennis balls thrown into the lake. But when a Bad Thing trespasses on his territory, Sam vows to destroy this new enemy before it can threaten his pack.

If the Young Man who takes care of him when the Master is on vacation doesn’t get in the way…

Fans of Wayne Smith’s horror novel THOR or its film adaptation BAD MOON and lovers of dogs in general will enjoy this tale of a loyal pet facing off against unnatural evil.

Illegal Alien

Patrido Guzman and several other men only wanted a better life in the United States, but found themselves left to die in the Arizona desert by an unscrupulous immigrant smuggler. And to make matters worse, they’d stumbled into a war between two races of aliens, neither of which cares much for humanity.

Lost in the desert, hunted by murderous extraterrestrials, these Mexican immigrants face a much more dangerous road to the American Dream.

Picking Up Plans in Palma

Connor Kelly is running for his life.

He’s on a mission to deliver a memory card containing secret orbital battle plans to the Italian consulate in Palma. But being an American spy in the Afrikaner Confederation is making success less and less likely by the second. Particularly when Connor’s history of fraternization with Boer traitor Katje de Lange comes to light. 

Just when Connor thinks he will escape, he’s captured by Afrikaner spy Eugene Visser and Katje’s disgruntled father. Can Connor escape from the whole of State Security? Judging by the last agent’s demise, things aren’t looking good. 

This high-octane dystopian thriller provides a stunning snapshot into a nightmarish alternate history. 

Picking Up Plans in Palma is cyberpunk at its best. Every sentence packs a powerful punch. You’ll hold your breath to the very end. This tale is sure to get under your skin. And your nails. 

Digital Science Fiction

A new age of science fiction is here. Digital Science Fiction lovingly curates masterful tales from a wide array of authors. We are proud to bring you the best stories from award winners, up-and-comers, and established veterans of the craft. If it’s got our name on it, you know it’s going to be great. 

The Digital Science Fiction seal of approval is a 100% story satisfaction. We are endlessly dedicated to bringing you tales, characters, and ideas you’ll love. We have something for everyone. Space opera, cyberpunk, hard science fiction, slipstream, space western, dying earth, you name it. Newcomers and connoisseurs of speculative fiction alike will discover exciting new worlds. At Digital Science Fiction, one of our favorite things about reading is discovering fresh talent. We aim to provide a gateway to another dimension so that you can consistently have that joy. 

There are many ways to enjoy what we have to offer you here at Digital Science Fiction. You can browse our collection of single short stories for the bargain price of 99 cents. Just pick and mix the authors, themes, and stories that call out the loudest to you. Or you can really grab yourself a bargain and purchase one of our robust anthologies for 50% off the total list price at $4.95. Our collections are inspired by the science fiction magazines of the golden years. We are lifelong admirers of classic magazines like Asimov’sAnalog, and Fantasy and Science Fiction. We believe that the best anthologies are safe havens where the curious can go to dream. It is that quality that we present to you. 

Digital Science Fiction brings a noble tradition of wonder into the new age. Magazines might be waning, replaced with tablets and holographic entertainment devices, but we will never lose the fantastic stories that excite our imaginations. We must carry them with us through the ages, reading them, writing them, discussing them, sharing them, and loving them. Strap yourself in and prepare for takeoff. 

This is gripping science fiction at its finest. 
This is Digital Science Fiction. 
Your brain will thank us. 

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Lord Giovanni’s Daughter

Scholarly John Fiore has long sought to preserve the literary heritage of the fallen Empire in a library, a library funded by the proceeds of his life as a mercenary, assassin, and adventurer. His most recent assignment is to rescue Adriana Cimino, daughter of a lord of the Narrow Sea, from the lecherous Talassos, prince of the serpentine Naga.

But Talassos, guarded by both human and Naga soldiers in an oceanic fortress and a fierce warrior in his own right, will not be easy prey.

Paul Leone, author of the Vatican Vampire Hunters series, describes this short fantasy story as a fun blend of Robert E. Howard’s sword-and-sorcery and Renaissance fantasy in the vein of John Whitbourn’s novel POPES AND PHANTOMS

Lord of the Dolorous Tower

Andhun and Eric, two young men from Eastvillage, leave during the long, boring months of winter to seek out the legendary Dolorous Tower, tomb of a fallen Dark Lord. Andhun is a true believer, while Eric tags along to humor his friend and keep him out of trouble.

Little do they know that the Dolorous Tower is very real and that they might not be coming back from it alive…

The Beast of the Bosporus

The Battle of Lepanto left the Ottoman Empire’s navy in ruins. Although Grand Vizier Sokollu Mehmed Pasha has overseen the replacement of every lost ship, he fears economic trends are against the Empire. 

Seeking an advantage over his Latin foes, the pasha seeks knowledge man was not meant to have, a quest that brings him face to face with the Great Old Ones . . .

Operative Sequence

Operative Sequence – Digital Science Fiction Anthology: Series 2 – Book 4

Ten great science fiction short stories, including:

Could They But Speak by David Steffen
Conscientious Objectors by Jay Werkheiser
The Story of the Ship that Brought Us Here by Stephen Case
Kernel by Sean Monaghan
Solo by J.S. Arquin
Midnight in Absheron by Edward Ashton
Illegal Alien by Matthew W. Quinn
Killers by Vincent L. Scarsella
Passive Resistance by David Tallerman
Casino Five by Helen Stubbs

Thank you for your interest in our book. We invite you to plunge into the ten delightful stories contained within. We hope you enjoy them as much as we have enjoyed presenting them.