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  • Sam

    Author: Matthew W. Quinn - July 1, 2017 - Horror

    Sam is a loving Doberman content with romping with the Master and his two daughters in their yard or chasing tennis balls thrown into the lake. But when a Bad Thing trespasses on his territory, Sam vows to destroy this new enemy before it can threaten his pack.If the Young…

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  • Pack Dynamics

    Author: Julie Frost - - Fantasy

    After seven horrific months as a POW, Army Ranger-turned-PI Ben Lockwood just wants a safe, boring life. With his boss on vacation, he takes what looks like an easy case of pharmaceutical espionage he can work from his desk. Now he's caught in a three-way collision course between a ruthless…

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  • Mister Bucket for Assembly

    Author: Digital Fiction - June 30, 2017 - Science Fiction

    When Bucket the gnome takes up an offer to stand for the Representative Assembly on behalf of his newly-emancipated people, he expects hard work and civilised debate. Not the bitter enmity of an old flame, nasty innuendoes in the opposition's newspaper, or threats from organised crime. Certainly not snipers and…


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