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Digital Horror Fiction Short Story

Bruce Memblatt




Book Description

Overwhelmed with grief at the loss of the man she loves, Robin will do anything to see him again. There’s just one problem: she won’t have a chance to change her mind, in this short story by Bruce Memblatt.

About the author

Bruce Memblatt is a native New Yorker and has studied Business Administration at Pace University. He is a member of the Horror Writers Association, and he is on the staff of the popular ezine, The Horror Zine

His works have been featured many times in anthology books, magazines, and zines such as Aphelion,  Bewildering Stories, Nameless Magazine (Cycatrix Press),  Digital Fiction Publishing,The Literary Hatchet, Suspense Magazine, Post Mortem Press, Dark Moon Books, Sam’s Dot Publishing, The Horror Zine, Midwest Literary Magazine, Danse Macabre, Parsec Ink, The Cynic Online, The Feathertale Review, Yellow Mama and many more.

His story A Dream for Sugar was a finalist in the TNT Horror Contest (12/16)

You can find a collection of his works," Stories for a Cruel World" on Amazon.

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