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Illegal Alien

Patrido Guzman and several other men only wanted a better life in the United States, but found themselves left to die in the Arizona desert by an unscrupulous immigrant smuggler. And to make matters worse, they’d stumbled into a war between two races of aliens, neither of which cares much for humanity.

Lost in the desert, hunted by murderous extraterrestrials, these Mexican immigrants face a much more dangerous road to the American Dream.

Operative Sequence

Operative Sequence – Digital Science Fiction Anthology: Series 2 – Book 4

Ten great science fiction short stories, including:

Could They But Speak by David Steffen
Conscientious Objectors by Jay Werkheiser
The Story of the Ship that Brought Us Here by Stephen Case
Kernel by Sean Monaghan
Solo by J.S. Arquin
Midnight in Absheron by Edward Ashton
Illegal Alien by Matthew W. Quinn
Killers by Vincent L. Scarsella
Passive Resistance by David Tallerman
Casino Five by Helen Stubbs

Thank you for your interest in our book. We invite you to plunge into the ten delightful stories contained within. We hope you enjoy them as much as we have enjoyed presenting them.

Pressure Suite

Pressure Suite – Digital Science Fiction Anthology – Book 3, is an anthology of original science fiction short stories from professional writers. This edition of Digital Science Fiction’s anthology series delves into the corners of the human psyche to push and prod and demonstrate how our species acts under varying degrees of adversity. We didn’t intentionally seek out any particular theme – it emerged and developed its own life as if it was sentient and wanted to emphatically demonstrate its existence. From the slightly humorous to an in-depth look at how the mind can fragment under intense strain, these ten stories cover the gamut of human responses to pressure.

Ten Unique Stories by Professional Science Fiction Authors

Pressure Suite includes 10 first-time-published science fiction short stories by:
– Matthew W. Quinn – Coil Gun
– William R. Eakin – 50-Foot Woman Over Redgunk, Mississippi
– Laura J. Campbell – Beyond Valhalla
– R.J. Bell – Brae na Ùrd
– David Murphy – The Blanket Box
– Kyle Aisteach – Pressure and the Argument Tree
– James C. Glass
– Skirmish at Heklara
– Fox Mc Geever – The Crossing
– Kate O’Connor – The Sun Dodgers
– Jason Palmer – Son of Man

Editorial Standards
Digital Science Fiction Anthology 3 welcomes back Christine Clukey as editor. At Digital Science Fiction, we strive for technically perfect digital and print versions of all our books. Each Digital Science Fiction book is vetted for superior literary quality then subjected to comprehensive professional editing. After editing, all content is proofread before submission to layout and formatting, then again after the book is fully built. In this way we expect you to find each Digital Science Fiction book not only entertaining, but error free.

Closing Notes
We thank you for your interest in our book, and invite you to plunge into the ten terrific stories contained within. We hope you enjoy them as much as we have enjoyed presenting them.

Cosmic Hooey

Cosmic Hooey Anthology

Digital Science Fiction is proud to announce a new, never before seen combination of cutting edge stories. Cosmic Hooey packs ten distinct science fiction short stories into one amazing anthology. If you love to binge on sci-fi like we do, you’ll love this deal. Cosmic Hooey is perfect for both marathon reading sessions and dipping into during your commute.

Each story introduces you to a new author and explores different, exciting realms of science fiction. We know you’ll fall in love with a bunch of these stories. 

Scramble takes you to the moon for a desperate rescue mission. Martin L. Shoemaker’s award-winning story about a day in the life of the Third Squad is sure to raise your pulse.

Prospect of a World I Dream takes you on a journey with Inna and Ayden to colonize a distant planet. Love blooms among the asteroids in Alex Kane’s modern spin on a classic science fiction theme.

Across the Terminator takes you to the forgotten American and Chinese lunar research bases. Can the scientists learn to get along in David Tallerman’s poignant portrayal of a very different Cold War?

Plotting War throws you into a battleground on alien soil. Chuck Rothman’s brutal depiction of far-flung war raises important questions about human nature. 

Picking Up Plans in Palma thrusts you into the Afrikaner Confederation with American spy Connor Kelly as he runs for his life. Matthew W. Quinn’s dystopian alternate history will have you holding your breath until the end.

Burying Engines places you in the heated courtroom of the Old West steampunk colony of Arimex. Marilyn K. Martin’s tale reveals what happens when two deputies are charged with destroying a robot. 

Catch a Fallen Star takes you above ground during a meteorite pass as Valentin attempts to catch a curfew-breaker. It’s a deadly game of cat and mouse in Jennifer Campbell-Hicks’ cyberpunk thriller.

A Moment of Clarity guides you through a world where the history and future of Earth are controlled by an alien planet. R. L. Robinson and E. C. Forbes’ gritty cyberpunk noir will make you question everything you know.

Entangled unravels a secret of love and destiny as May tries to save her galactic soulmate. Rachael Acks’ mesmerizing montage will enrapture you. 

Water Finds Its Path drags you on a journey through a dry, decaying wasteland as Foley and Anna desperately search for water. Robert Lowell Russell’s dystopian tale will leave you thirsty for more. 

Cosmic Hooey is a return to the Golden Age of science fiction. This anthology is a celebration of the most exciting literary tradition. It is a treat for the true science fiction lover. Digital Science Fiction is your new guide to the wonderful depths of the universe. Enjoy the ride!

Digital Science Fiction 

A new age of science fiction is here. Digital Science Fiction lovingly curates masterful tales from a wide array of authors. We are proud to bring you the best stories from award winners, up-and-comers, and established veterans of the craft. If it’s got our name on it, you know it’s going to be great.

Digital Science Fiction brings a noble tradition of wonder into the new age. Magazines might be waning, replaced with tablets and holographic entertainment devices, but we will never lose the fantastic stories that excite our imaginations. We must carry them with us through the ages, reading them, writing them, discussing them, sharing them, and loving them. Strap yourself in and prepare for takeoff. 

This is gripping science fiction at its finest. 
This is Digital Science Fiction. 
Your brain will thank us. 

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