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Personal Injuries

Legal Discipline Office Director, Dean Alessi, and his Chief Investigator, Stu Foley, are back investigating lawyers gone bad – this time the state’s top personal injury firm, Craig & Craig, run by ruthless brothers, Larry and David Craig, for sending clients to bad doctors for bogus surgeries to increase the value of their cases. The day after a young associate lawyer of the firm comes in crying and tells Dean and Stu that his client has died on the operating table during one of these surgeries, he commits suicide. But was it really suicide or was the young lawyer murdered by the Craig brother’s henchman, Nick “Sonny” Folino, a former mob associate, to keep him quiet?

Despite State Supreme Court Chief Justice Krane’s admonition that no further disciplinary investigations involving the Craigs or their firm be commenced while they are using their political might to help him get the vacant seat on the US Supreme Court, Dean and Stu secretly investigate the young lawyer’s claims and his suspicious death. In doing so, they find themselves in mortal danger.

Packed with surprising twists and turns leading to a thrilling conclusion, the story also continues to explore the friendship between Dean and Stu, Dean and Laura’s troubled marriage, and his unrequited affair with LDO staff attorney, Kat Franklin.

“Personal Injuries” takes the reader on a rip-roaring ride investigating more lawyers gone bad. In the process, it just may answer that ages-old adage, should you really be careful what you wish for?